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Nam Flava Biltong hits European shelves

2021-10-22  Strauss Lunyangwe

Nam Flava Biltong hits European shelves
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Staying true to pushing the Namibian culture to Europe, EES recently revealed his plans to get biltong to Europe under his ‘Nam Flava’ brand.

Real name Eric Sell, EES told VIBEZ! biltong is “a national delicacy, which makes it a part of our unified culture”. 

“I want to spread this delicacy packed with my music and fashion to the European market. Nam Flava Biltong is produced according to European Union purity standards in Namibia, and contains no MSG, no preservatives and no colourants. Only high-quality grass-fed Namibian beef meat; and it is handmade to perfection locally,” he explained.

The kwaito star has teamed up with Külbs (South Trade GmbH), and it took them over two years to get all the certificates and European standards sorted.

“It was a long process but worth it, and important for us Namibians to start thinking in terms of exporting. Nam Flava Biltong will be available in lodges and curio shops across the country (Namibia), for tourists to get a taste of what the true Nam Flava Biltong tastes like, and then buy it online when they are back in their home countries.”

EES said they looked into ways of pushing more local products to the European market, where the singer is now slowly getting known due to big TV performances.

Apart from making music, his main occupation, EES has a variety of products under the Nam Flava brand that includes sneakers, sandals and spices. 

“The Nam Flava brand is a feeling of being a proud Namibian, and capturing that spirit and energy and showcasing it to the world. So, it was only a matter of time before I expanded the Nam Flava brand into the direction of a local delicacy such as biltong. 

“What one must understand is that the retail business is a very tough business, and many people want to get their products sold. To get seen and into shops is a real battle that never stops. Due to e-commerce/online shopping, this battle has become a little easier and that is what I am pushing overseas now, as delivery is very quick and safe,” he said.

The packing of the biltong is done locally, and not outsourced, because that is where the real value for a country is, he reiterated. 

“The products are being produced and manufactured within the country. We work very closely with Closwa Biltong in Okahandja, who have upgraded their production line for the manufacturing so that we can export the biltong to the European Union. They are very professionals and are a great partner to have in this teamwork of getting biltong known all over the world.”




2021-10-22  Strauss Lunyangwe

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