• April 25th, 2019
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NAMCOL not 'college of losers' - former students


Lahja Nashuuta Windhoek-The acronym; NAMCOL stands for Namibian College of Open Learning and not ‘Namibian College of Losers’ as per the term used by naysayers in an attempt to discredit the institution. In addition, the quality of the graduates that has emerged from the corridors of this fast-growing government establishment is proof of its relevance to the country’s educational sector. One such graduate is Foreversun Haiduwah, a Namibian motivational speaker and television actor who went through the college and is now a productive member of society. In a recent interview with New Era, Haiduwah, an actor in the Namibian drama series, ‘The 3rd Will’,  proudly confirmed that it is because of NAMCOL that he is the person he has become today. “With only 22 points in Grade 12, I failed to qualify for entry at any of the government’s institutions of higher learning. This is not because I was a dull child or because my teachers were not executing their duties, I was simply playful and ignorant with all the wrong priorities. I got in trouble at school for violating school rules even though I never got suspended because I knew how to find my way out of trouble,” he said. Haiduwah said after his Matric he decided to enrol at NAMCOL in order to improve his marks regardless of the negative perception that was attached to the institution. “Of course there has been this negative perception that if you go to that college you are stupid and it is because of such misconception that most grade 10 and 12 dropouts are roaming the streets. Our leaners don’t want to enrol with NAMCOL because they are afraid to be labelled as imprudent,” he said. Narrating his journey to success, the 27-year-old, Journalism Communication Technology Bachelor Degree holder said the first time he enrolled with NAMCOL was in 2006 and he failed. This did not discourage him from going for the second attempt. He eventually obtained better marks that qualified him to be accepted at the University of Science and Technology (NUST). Haiduwah said for the duration of his studies - since 2012 - he received awards for being the overall best media student for three consecutive years and on top of that, he obtained a diploma in sales and marketing, and a certificate in crime prevention from the same institution. Haiduwah urged learners not to be demoralised and to ignore misconceptions associated with NAMCOL. “Namcol is not for failures. It is not for imprudent learners but it is meant for those that want to improve their points in order to be admitted to institutions of higher learning. Namcol has shaped many people’s ambitions towards becoming productive citizens and I am one of them. Therefore, the future is indeed bright for those who are mentored at the college,” he said. Sharing similar sentiments was Twapewa Kadhikwa, the co-owner of Kadhikwa Group of Companies that owns Xwama Traditional Restaurant and Kadhikwa Chicken Farming. She dismissed the notion that NAMCOL is not improving results for grade 10 and 12 out-of-school learners. Kadhikwa confirmed that there are thousands of professionals such as lawmakers, accountants, engineers and attorneys who went through the college. “NAMCOL is not there for failures but an institution that is able to help learners become responsible citizens. People need to change their negative mindsets and encourage their children to enrol with the college in order to improve their points. It doesn’t help sitting at home because you don’t want to be labelled a NAMCOL student,” she said.
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2018-01-22 09:04:48 1 years ago

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