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Namibia Careers Expo shines light on green energy

2024-03-27  Pricilla Mukokobi

Namibia Careers Expo shines light on green energy

The 13th Namibia Careers Expo scheduled to take place on 3 and 4 April at the Windhoek Country Club will once again provide the youth with invaluable resources and opportunities to navigate their career paths and fulfill their aspirations.

The expo offers a dynamic platform where attendees can engage with industry leaders, educational institutions and potential employers. Through a series of interactive speaker sessions, seminars and exhibitor booths, participants will gain insights into various career fields, educational pathways and skills development opportunities.

Chris Movirongo, the Fortescue Energy country manager and one of the speakers and sponsors of the two-day event, said this platform will highlight the exciting career opportunities available in the green energy sector.

“Fortescue Energy places great value on our partnerships with brands which consistently deliver results. As the Namibia Career Expo enters its 13th year, we are confident that this platform will highlight the exciting career opportunities available in the green energy sector for Namibia’s youth, and drive momentum towards the jobs of the future. Efforts to educate the public about green hydrogen are becoming increasingly deliberate, particularly in informing future graduates about potential career paths, post-high school. As an all-inclusive expo, Fortescue Energy is also proud to bring students from the //Kharas region to explore opportunities and showcase the unbridled potential within the green energy industry,” he noted.

Speaking at the launch at the FNCC on Monday, Movirongo said this year’s expo holds particular significance as Namibia is at the forefront of green hydrogen, which will create jobs for many Namibian youths. 

“The green energy transmission is a huge opportunity for Africa and the world. It is a chance for a country to generate its energy.”

He further said attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about the variety of careers available within this rapidly- expanding field. “The expo will not only inspire, but will also equip the youth with the tools to strive in today’s competitive job market. We have seen the green energy industry fuelled and run by Namibians, creating jobs and local employment to adjust energy transition,” he added. Project manager Helena Shigwedha encouraged parents to be present at this expo so that they can also see and/or hear what exhibitors will talk about so that their children can choose their careers wisely. 

“It will make a difference if parents are present,” she said.

Shigwedha added that about 20 exhibitors will be present, including people from Russia, at this impactful event.

2024-03-27  Pricilla Mukokobi

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