• July 13th, 2020

Namjive faces Covid-19 pandemic head-on

As many artists head to their social media platforms to host their concerts, the most important act (dancers) have been completely cut out of their craft.
Speaking to Entertainment Now! founder of Namjive, Ricardo Xolani Kameeta said since the lockdown, the youth that is involved with them have been practising hard and producing videos keeping themselves busy.’’ 

We get more than 15 dance videos a day from our dancers. And each video, we upload it on our social media page just to show the public that we are not gonna be put down by Covid-19 and that we are pushing forward,’’ he explained
Namjive was created for the youth to showcase their dance moves on social media platforms four years ago. They also specialise in doing activations, back up dancers while also selling their merchandise to make an extra income. It defines the different styles, tribes and culture dances that the country has to offer.

Kameeta saw the talent the country has and saw an opportunity and took it head-on. ‘’Namibia has many dancers that are not recognised and that’s where Namjive comes into place. Mostly, we look for dancers that have similar goals like ours. It is not easy getting them. It’s a long line of friendship and supporting each other. So, we don’t just go handpick them, no,’’ he narrated.
Once regulations have been eased, they will be hosting their iconic dance battle which will have prizes ranging from stationeries, food parcels to paying dancers’ tuition/school fees. 

He advised all youth to not be discouraged and keep on believing in God in these trying times. 
‘’And please take your education seriously because education is the key to opening so many doors for you. And for those that dropped out of school for various reasons, if you have a talent in dancing, just don’t do it for the fun but do it because you love dancing. 
Through your dancing, you can create a job for yourself. Namjive is here to help you promote your dance videos, help get promotion gigs, music video gigs etc. 
Dreams do become reality just believe in yourself.’’ 

Strauss Lunyangwe
2020-06-05 10:53:09 | 1 months ago

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