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Namsov Community Trust empowers San women in Omaheke

2018-08-22  Staff Reporter

Namsov Community Trust empowers San women in Omaheke
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WINDHOEK – The construction of a community centre in Corridor 17 of the Omaheke Region, which was approved by the Namsov Community Trust (NCT) in 2015, has been successfully completed. The centre was constructed in honour of the late Chief Sophia Jacobs for the San community and will serve women in the San community to provide long-term sustainable economic upliftment and empowerment.

“We believe such an endeavour is vital to the success of our people, now and in the future … Being a community trustee is more than participating; it’s about serving with a deep sense of responsibility and an emphasis on preserving and enhancing the community for the future,” said Angelina Sinvula, NCT trustee at the opening of the centre.

“We may feel like the country owes us healthcare, education, transportation, social equity, but we don’t want to give enough of ourselves. To be a true trustee of our community we must give back with the mind and heart focused on the greater good and a future we may not yet see, by seeking opinions from those who may have a different experience than your own. This does not require you to change your position, but simply provide context to why someone else may feel differently,” Sinvula added, noting that the NCT has ploughed back over N$90 million into Namibian communities since the early 90s.

Sinvula concluded by thanking the late Chief Sophia for knocking on their door for assistance. “The women of this community, you have now been given a place to work from. It’s time to work hard and grow your projects to become sustainable projects that can assist with taking your community out of poverty,” she stated.

Also at the occasion, Omaheke Governor Festus Ueitele noted that the needs of the people are multiple, and as much as the government is trying to address them, it remains impossible to satisfy all the needs of all people within our societies.

“The government on its own cannot achieve our nation’s developmental goals. We need to harness the energies and resources of the entire country. It is precisely for this reason that we … appreciate the roles of agencies, non-governmental organisations, business and community organisations in the transformation of community development,” said Ueitele.

2018-08-22  Staff Reporter

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