• April 2nd, 2020

NCCI denounces discrimination against developers

ONDANGWA - Chairperson of Namibian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) Northern Branch, Tomas Iindji has called on local authorities to give land to prospective business people to develop towns without discriminating them against their tribe or race.

 “Local authorities like your own should do their best to allocate land to the business people who intend to bring development to the town, without being overcome by tendencies of allocating such land based on colour of skin, tribe, race and the other retrogressive practices that can destroy the society; Let us always be guided by our one Namibia and One Nation motto that unites us and our diversity as a nation, above lines of origin,” said Iindji.
Iindji was speaking at a business breakfast held at Omuthiya on Saturday.

The breakfast meeting was aimed at sharing ideas and sourcing ideas from the business community at the town. 
Iindji applauded the business community in Omuthiya for their commitment towards local economic development saying growth of the town to transform into a vibrant economic centre relies on their ability and skills.

He encouraged the business community from giving up despite the economic challenges the country is facing, saying that it is during times like this that resources should be channelled towards development.

“It is clearly acknowledged that we are facing economic hurdles, but that should not stop you from applying the capacity of your minds to lay down the ambitious programs that you have for the town,” Iindji further stated.

In addition, the chairperson of the northern branch also applauded the business fraternity for their part in transforming the Omuthiya settlement, from being a mere bus stop into an emerging rural metro attracting investors from within and outside Oshikoto Region.

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2019-03-04 09:28:52 | 1 years ago

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