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Ndeitunga, councillor fume over stalled station

2021-09-13  Obrien Simasiku

Ndeitunga, councillor fume over stalled station

ONKUMBULA - Police chief Sebastian Ndeitunga and the councillor of Okankolo Hans Nambodi are upset over the delays caused in the construction of the police station at a remote village of Onkumbula in the Oshikoto region.

Spitting venom, Ndeitunga said they fired and terminated contracts of incompetent contractors who failed to complete the project on time, while some abandoned site. The project started five years ago, and when New Era visited the site recently at Onkumbula, some 130 kilometres north east of Omuthiya, gates were locked, and the site was abandoned.

The B-Class police station is supposed to have staff accommodation, a charge office, holding cells, as well as police amenities. The facility is at 70% completion with only a few touches to be done. 

“We have now appointed two contractors to spearhead the process, so that the project can be completed timely. I am very irked at the previous contractors who wasted government resources by doing lousy and shoddy work,” fumed Ndeitunga in a telephonic interview on Friday. 

About three contractors have worked on the project so far. 

Nambodi told New Era that he is not happy with the construction, which has dragged on for five years, of which the project was scheduled for completion within two to three years.  “This is a remote area with the nearest substation at Onyuulaye, which is more than 50 kilometres from here. That substation doesn’t operate during the night. Crime rate here has skyrocketed because we have no law enforcement in the area. I am not happy at all with what is happening,” said a distressed Nambodi.

The councillor said rape, gang fights and stock theft are the order of the day.

“My appeal is with the ministry to speed up the process of appointing another contractor, so that law and order can be maintained, otherwise things will get out of hand, as people are dying daily, robberies are committed left and right, including women and children that are being sexual violated,” said Nambodi.

In addition, the councillor said taxpayers’ money is being wasted, while the structure might soon be vandalised by the public thereby further derailing all efforts.


2021-09-13  Obrien Simasiku

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