• July 12th, 2020

New kid debuts ‘Come together’

Namibian upcoming artists are trying their best to capture the attention of music lovers which is why BTU Booster came up with the hit ‘Ngono othondoro’ and dropped his first album titled ‘Come together’.
 The 13-track CD is a good start for a newcomer, but there’s room for improvement in the industry.
The album has the usual kwaito and afro-pop genres and the music flow is quite similar to other artists’ which I believe does not diversify his sound.

 Despite a few things that need to be polished up, BTU Booster is one of the most hardworking upcoming artists in the country.
 After releasing the album, he said he’s ready to drop new singles and work on a second album.
‘Come together’ is more of a motivational work because, in most of his songs, he sings about issues affecting young people.

The fourth track on the album, ‘Ngono othondoro’ which took off and made him popular, is one of the good songs and has a music video.

 The song focuses mainly on issues that occur every day in our society involving the abuse of children and women and how reckless the young generation is.

On the album, the kwaito artist has worked with producers and artists such as, M-jay, Dj Chronic, Andrew, Kele, Kinzzo, Gerg, and Dj Soon who added different flavours to the production.
 The artists who feature were handpicked and appear to have done a great job.
 I recommend the album to young people as it is dedicated to them.
– ashikololo@nepc.com.na

New talent... Upcoming artist BTU Booster. Photo: Contributed 

Aletta Shikololo
2020-03-02 09:47:11 | 4 months ago

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