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New lawyers for Kazeurua murder accused

2021-08-06  Roland Routh

New lawyers for Kazeurua murder accused

Two of the men accused of killing renowned stock theft investigator, Hiambepo ‘Major’ Kazeurua, who are currently without legal representation, are likely to get new lawyers.

Windhoek High Court Judge Alfred Siboleka was informed yesterday that legal aid has instructed Laura Pack to represent Muvare Kaporo (29). 

He has been without legal representation since he lost the services of Monty Karuaihe.

The judge was also informed that Stockley Kauejao (44), who is now without legal representation, after his lawyer Slysken Makando withdrew from the case because of unpaid legal fees, has engaged Trevor Brockerhoff to defend him.

The judge postponed the matter to Monday for both Pack and Brockerhoff to come on record.

The judge was further informed that Kauejao could not attend court as he had contact with a person that tested positive for Covid-19 and is in self-isolation.

A warrant of arrest was issued for him but was held over until the next date for the trial to continue which was set for 11 October.

Siboleka further made it clear that he will not tolerate any more delays and said that the matter will continue on the date set down, whether the new lawyers are ready or not. 

The matter has been dragging on from January 2015 and has been besieged by several delays since its inception, including applications for bail by two of the accused still in custody and appeals after bail was refused.

Siboleka also retired as a sitting judge of the High Court and is now an acting judge while he finalises his remaining cases. 

All of the accused pleaded not guilty to charges of murder, stock theft and defeating or attempting to defeat or obstruct the course of justice.

Kauejao and Kaporo, alongside Matheu Kakururume and Afas Kamutjemo (44) to the above mentioned charges. They put the onus of proof on the State for each and every allegation against them.

According to the indictment, the accused conspired to kill Kazeurua to prevent him from tracing cattle they had stolen.

Kaporo and Kakururume allegedly ambushed him and killed him by strangling him and putting sand in his mouth to prevent him from breathing. 

This allegedly happened on 28 December 2012. 

The partly burned body of Kazeurua was found in an aardvark burrow on 7 January 2013, after being reported missing days earlier. 

Mbanga Siyomunji is on record for Kakururume on instructions of legal aid and Jan Wessels represents Kamutjemo on private instruction. The State is represented by Erich Moyo.

Kakururume and Kaporo remain in custody while Kauejao and Kamutjemo are out on bail.

2021-08-06  Roland Routh

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