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Nghipandulwa drives Nedbank’s governance, compliance

2023-11-29  Staff Reporter

Nghipandulwa drives Nedbank’s governance, compliance

In the fast-paced world of banking, the role of a company secretary is vital for maintaining integrity, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and promoting ethical practices. At Nedbank Namibia, this key position is filled by Brigitte Nghipandulwa, a seasoned legal practitioner with a commitment to corporate governance and compliance. 

With a strong legal background, Brigitte embarked on her journey in the corporate legal arena in 2014. Over the years, she has gained valuable experience in various legal aspects, including risk and compliance, trademarks and patents, labour, governance and company secretarial matters. 

Her expertise enabled her to provide consulting services to clients in the banking, asset management, mining and fishing industries. 

In her capacity as company secretary, Nghipandulwa is instrumental in upholding Nedbank’s legal and regulatory integrity. 

Her oversight is critical in mitigating legal risks and aligning business practices with statutory requirements. Besides compliance, her remit includes advocating for transparency and accountability. This is vital for reinforcing the bank’s credibility and facilitating its long-term success by fostering trust among stakeholders and clients. 

For professionals aspiring to excel in governance and compliance within the banking industry, Nghipandulwa offers sage advice: “Cultivate a deep understanding of banking laws, stay abreast of industry trends, develop strong analytical skills and uphold the highest ethical standards”. 

Her career reflects these principles, and her dedication to them has been the cornerstone of her professional success.

Outside her professional career, Nghipandulwa finds solace in swimming, a discipline that has shaped her approach to work and decision-making. 

The focus required in swimming resonates with her professional demeanour, where meticulousness and commitment are paramount.

2023-11-29  Staff Reporter

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