• August 5th, 2020

Nghipondoka: Keep politics away from school 

Eveline de Klerk

WALVIS BAY - Education deputy minister Anna Nghipondoka has warned teachers to refrain from participating in politics during school hours. 
Nghipondoka raised the issue on Friday at Namib Primary School in Swakopmund while discussing concerns with regards to the new curriculum with principals, head of departments and teachers of various schools in Erongo.
A concerned Nghipondoka said school grounds should be a no-go area for politics, especially while on duty.
She emphasised that teachers should refrain from campaigning or engaging in political activities during school hours. “Please understand the legal framework when you become involved in political activities. You cannot go to school with a dashboard cover of a political party or your party’s flag attached to your car or political attire – or even speak about politics,” she said. She added that teachers should also not discuss politics with parents or among themselves while at school.  
As a public servant, you should know your code of conduct.
Nghipondoka further narrated she recently had to instruct a school to call a teacher in Ohangwena region to order after a video of her discussing politics with parents surfaced on social media. “This specific teacher said she told parents they voted for the wrong political party that is why their children don’t have books.  In what capacity as a teacher do you have the right to do so?” 
She added the education ministry does not care from which party teachers are, but as long as they carry out their duties  and responsibilities as required.

Loide Jason
2020-01-27 07:16:03 | 6 months ago

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