• February 25th, 2020

No barriers would stop a young woman entrepreneur

Onesmus Embula

WINDHOEK – Ester Hamukoto is a brave female entrepreneur who has been in the business consultancy industry for almost six years. 

She is particularly eager to reach her full potential by becoming a successful woman entrepreneur of the century, removing and halting all barriers in her way and subsequently leaving her mark in the industry. Hamukoto, a young businessperson in her late twenties attributes her success to her entrepreneur grandmother who raised her. “I was taught selling skills from a very young age through assisting my grandmother with selling of food to clients,” she relates. Furthermore, the Windhoek bred Hamukoto, who attended her secondary school at Ella Du Plessis Secondary School says she was involved in the Junior Achievement Programme during her secondary school where she was tasked to mentor scholars to pursue entrepreneurship. “In 2015, I was awarded as an Emerging Entrepreneur by Namibia Business Hall of Fame,” says Hamukoto.

 “I believe that life is what we give out, living our best life and living in the moment is the moto I live by everyday,” she says describing her unique selling and marketing skills as talents linking them to her ability to strive for excellence in every competitive environment she encounters. “I think having a strong business educational background also plays a part as one of the success traits,” she adds.

Hamukoto is a full-time business consultant and business coach. “My consultancy goes by the name Esh-Ham Business Consultants and I also do business coaching. Also, I recently launched a beauty plaza going by Esh-Ham Beauty Plaza whereby we offer haircut and wig making services,” says she.  A holder of an honours degree in Business Administration from the University of Namibia, she therefore encourages fellow peers to remain focused on their goals and be patient, especially when working on new projects, advising that it takes time to yield desired results. She also advises upcoming entrepreneurs to have mentors they look up to and draw inspiration and advice from. “No success comes over night, true success is drawn from hard work and commitment,” she emphasises.

Additionally, she calls on the youth, especially women to practice self believe, be passionate about their goals and keep watering their dreams daily, which according to her is the road that leads to success. “I am currently working on establishing my new project ‘Ester The Business Advisor’ aimed to offer sound business advise to aspiring and startup entrepreneurs and offer training to company employees on customer service training,” says Hamukoto. Her goal is to provide services to all Namibians at large.

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