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Nudo takes election campaign to Opuwo

2019-10-28  Staff Reporter

Nudo takes election campaign to Opuwo
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WINDHOEK - National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) president Utjiua Muinjangue - the country’s only female presidential candidate, on Saturday took her election campaign to the Kunene region.

Addressing supporters, who had gathered at the party’s regional office, Muinjangue promised to alleviate some of the social ills facing residents of Kunene, which she said included unemployment and lack of decent housing. She also said locals were not getting the necessary government support during the prevailing drought.

 “The Swapo government continues to mistreat you, continues to ignore your plight and that will end under the Nudo government,” said Muinjangue who was accompanied by party secretary-general Josef Kauandenge and other party leaders.

She also called on women in the region to come out in numbers and vote for her and Nudo, saying she was the only female presidential candidate.

 “It is time that women must be empowered to lead as for too long now it was the man folks who are leading and they have messed up our country,” she said.

She urged the people of Kunene to vote for her party, as it is the only alternative party that can and will address socio-economic issues affecting Namibians. 

She said the ruling party Swapo has not delivered to the Namibian nation and has failed to address critical problems of poverty, unemployment and social justice.

Also, she said Nudo will make sure women are appointed in executive positions on a 50/50 basis.
“I will make sure that 20 percent of the procurement budget’s products shall be sourced from women-owned businesses,” she said, adding that this is included in her party manifesto.

“Nudo pledges to provide every Namibian with decent shelter. Nudo will abolish all corrugated-iron houses. Nudo will deliver serviced land to all citizens. 
“Nudo will provide building material vouchers and will champion for urban settlement,” she vowed.

2019-10-28  Staff Reporter

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