• September 18th, 2020

Ohangwena addresses water woes

ONGWEDIVA – The Ohangwena region will soon launch its water infrastructure master plan as part of a strategy to extend piped water to the four eastern constituencies, which currently depend on boreholes. 
There have been cries over water shortages over the years in Okongo, Omundaungilo, Oshikunde and Epembe constituencies, as many of the boreholes have either dried out or are high in fluoride. Governor Walde Ndevashiya, in his maiden state of the region address yesterday, said the project is envisaged to tap and purify water from the region’s aquifer II. 

“Once realised, the project will relieve the water scarcities experienced over the years and will ensure that the region is water reliant and equally aid our industrialisation efforts as far as the agricultural sector is concerned,” said Ndevashiya. 
Some of the measures put in place to arrest the water scarcity thus far include the installation of deep-water boreholes at Oshongwe and Omalalapapa in the Oshikunde and Omundaungilo constituencies to a tune of N$5 million. 
A further 25 shallow boreholes were installed at Oshikunde, Omundaungilo and Okongo. About 810 000 cubic metres were also ferried to the concerned constituencies with the exception of Okongo during the period under review. 
In 2017, the estimated volumes of water in the Ohangwena aquifer ballooned to 20 billion cubic metres from the earlier estimates of five billion cubic metres. 

The aquifer currently supplies Eenhana through three boreholes. The water extracted from the aquifer is only for human and livestock consumption but not for larger scale usage.

Crime still a concern
Meanwhile, on the crime front, the region has recorded 4 038 cases altogether. The region has seen a reduction of 35% in murder cases from 37 to 24 cases. 
Rape cases have increased by 20% from 134 to 161 during the period under review. Assault cases have also increased by 7% from 1 238 to 1 321.  

Domestic violence-related cases have decreased slightly by 4% from 68 to 65 cases. Other issues affecting the region include unemployment amongst the youth. 
Equally, Ndevashiya said the region is also haunted by poor coordination in implementing government projects, leading to the delay and completion of key capital projects such as the Eenhana Sport Stadium, teacher’s accommodation, the Education Directorate Regional Offices, as well as that of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform, amongst others. 
With the delay in implementing government projects, the governor also highlighted a concern of limited resources allocated to the region, as well as a reduced regional budget cut.    
– nashipala@nepc.com.na

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