• August 4th, 2020

Ohangwena Regional Council

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Features, Focus, Featured

Query: The Ohangwena Regional Council would like to inform the public and provide clarity on the allegations leveled against the Regional Council by Popular Democratic Movement (PDM). In the Article published in The Namibian Sun, 20 July 2018, titled “PDM Calls for Ohangwena Probe,” the PDM made several allegations against Ohangwena Regional Council, accusing the council of high levels of corruption, not producing financial reports and it has used up the public funds for their own benefit, while there is no tangible development taking place in the region. Response: The Ohangwena Regional Council would therefore like to clarify that: The Ohangwena Regional Council (ORC) has produced and submitted its financial statements for the financial years ended, to the Auditor-General for auditing as provided for, in Section 38 and Section 39 of the Regional Council Act, Act No. 22 of 1992 as amended. Council is however mindful of the fact that Section 40 (1) of the same act were not fully complied with due to reasons that have been clearly stated in response to PDM questions during the State of the Region Address (SORA) and this has been agreed upon between the Council and the Office of the Auditor-General. In brief, all the outstanding financial statements will be submitted by September 2018 as agreed upon with office of the Auditor-General. It is therefore important to inform the PDM and all concerned that Ohangwena Regional Council has records as proof of financial statements so produced and submitted accordingly. 2. Additionally, on to the allegations of high level corruption activities within the council as alleged by the PDM, the Ohangwena Regional Council has taken this as a serious allegation and wrong perception of PDM regional coordinator. We would therefore like the PDM to take note that ORC is a public entity like many others that maintain good and effective governance to ensure social progression as advocated in its (ORC) Strategic Plan and all other national high level documents. It is therefore our strong conviction that PDM or any other concerned individual should by now have known where to report corruption cases. We kindly inform PDM to ask the address or contact details of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) at any public Offices, Ministries and Agencies (OMAs) in order to report any corrupt practices. 3. With regard to the N$68.2 million reported as unaccounted for, we hereby explaining that this was combined figure technical and wrongly misstated emanated from retained earnings, general ledger, financial statements and depreciation of assets in the 2011/2012 financial year, and this has been addressed through performing regular reconciliation and balancing the figures between financial statements and the general ledger. Equally important, PDM and anyone concerned, please note that the Accounting Officers in the OMAs including Regional Councils are mandated to account for the state funds and in this respect, the Accounting Officer of Ohangwena Regional Council had already clarified this with the Auditor-General and the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Accounts and Economy on 2 February 2018. 4. On the allegations of no tangible development taking place in the area that benefits the populace, we would like to clearly inform PDM and specifically Hidipo Hamata to read the SORA by Honorable Governor of Ohangwena Region so that he can start understanding and appreciate what the government and other development partners are doing in Ohangwena Region. We further invite all our stakeholders including PDM to regularly visit Constituency Offices or Regional Council Office at Eenhana and also attend regional events/meetings in order to familiarize and acquaint yourself with the state of regional developmental affairs in Ohangwena Region. Furthermore, Ohangwena Regional Council strongly believes that infrastructure development is the backbone for both social and economic advancement despite several challenges faced mostly on financial resources. We are however proud to announce that the region has done well and its continuing to move forward the agenda of national building in terms of infrastructure development focusing on the area of education, health, water and sanitation, food production, tourism, transportation, information communication technology, and promoting peace and stability to mention just a few. Lastly, we are once again referring PDM and anyone concerned to the SORA report where tangible developments can be seen, unless something is wrong with consciousness. Ohangwena Regional Council is emphasizing that PDM Regional Coordinator should feel free to always visit our offices for further information pertaining to the regional development operations. SP Nepembe, Senior Public Relations Officer, Ohangwena Regional Council, E-mail Address: snepembe@ohangwenarc.gov.na
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