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Omusati youth divided on independence celebrations 

2023-03-20  Victoria Kaapanda

Omusati youth divided on independence celebrations 

While thousands of people are expected to turn up for independence celebrations in the Omusati region tomorrow, some youth are indifferent.

Namibia celebrates Independence Day on 21 March every year. Several events are lined up across the country to celebrate the day. However, the grand parade will be held at the Olufuko Cultural Centre, which will be attended by dignitaries and members of the public. Andowa Agapitus, who sells tombo and other beverages at the Outapi Open Market, said he has nothing to celebrate as he is not enjoying any fruits of independence.

“My sister and I passed grade 12, but there are no funds for us to go to university. Our parents are poor; they don’t have any source of income. As a child, I was always encouraged to study hard for me not to end up in the street… today I am selling tombo,” he lamented.

He thus sees no reason to celebrate Independence Day.

“The government is supposed to help us less privileged to fulfill our dreams. This is unacceptable and change should be made, otherwise I see no future for all of us,” stressed Agapitus.

Titus Gotfrid, a taxi driver from Outapi, said independence means nothing to him. 

“Namibia is one of the countries with a high unemployment rate, particularly among graduates 
who roam the streets with their degrees. I am one of them.

“I am not saying the government should give us jobs. I am saying the government should provide capital so that we come up with our own businesses,” he requested.

He added that government should actually find alternative ways to solve the unemployment crisis among graduates in order to end the economic crisis.

On the contrary, Maria Daniel from Outapi said there is so much to celebrate, although the country is still facing challenges.

She observed that living in a peaceful country is one of the reasons why she is celebrating Independence Day.

“Human rights and peace are indicators that we are enjoying the fruits of independence,” she said.

Daniel is also sure the government is working tirelessly to address all challenges facing this country.

Another youth, Saima Isack, said this is a day of patriotism,
happiness and rededication. 

“Since attaining independence, a lot has been achieved, and development has taken place in many areas. But admittedly, there is still much more to be done,” she added.

She also reasoned that that is the course of development, for every goal cannot possibly be attained at once.

“It is our duty to live up to our expectations to fulfill our dreams of a developed and successful country in peace and harmony,” Isack said.


2023-03-20  Victoria Kaapanda

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