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Ondonga king revives idle land

2021-05-20  Obrien Simasiku

Ondonga king revives idle land
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OMUTHIYA – Ondonga king Fillemon Shuumba Nangolo has implored his subjects to focus on agricultural activities to boost food sustainability and eradicate hunger in the community. 

He said this as he launched an agricultural project at Omutsegwondjamba outside Omuthiya yesterday. The piece of land measuring 100 hectares will be used to produce mahangu and maize that will be distributed to the vulnerable and the impoverished within the Ondonga kingdom. 

“Years back, there was research conducted from Oshivelo up to Omuthiya to assess the suitability of the land, and there was satisfaction that the land was fertile to grow anything,” Nangolo said yesterday. 

“So, why are we wasting this opportunity, yet we have the land and ability to do the work? Therefore, headmen of different areas, this task I am giving to you. I want to see progress here each time I pass by. By December, I want to see growth”,
he urged. 

The land was given to the Ondonga Traditional Authority at independence to be used for community production. As years passed, the project failed, and
Nangolo is now trying to revive it. 

Heavy machinery was already deployed to the area yesterday to start preparing the land. 

“We have farmers south of the red line who go through a lot as the terrain is bad. They first need to clear the bush, then deal with the rocky environment before actual work can start, but they are managing. So, what could be the problem with us? Let us do it,” he reasoned. 

Nangolo further encouraged the youth to be part of the project, saying it was time that they plough their educational skills and knowledge back so that it becomes a success. 

Meanwhile, Oshana governor Elia Irimari donated N$8 000 towards the project. 

In addition, he lobbied for a borehole to be drilled by a Chinese businessman at no cost. Businessman and farmer Gerhard Kambonde likewise offered an earth excavator for free. 



Speaking at the same occasion, youth
leader Wilhelm Amutenya said the project is a good initiative that will go a long way in fighting hunger and poverty among many households. 

Despite those sentiments, Amutenya took issue with situations where resettled people on government farms are failing to produce anything while having fertile land, equipment and the finances to do so.

“Why dish out resettlement farms to people who are failing to produce and secure food sustainability? This is happening, while we continue importing goods from abroad. “I suggest that government looks at giving each region a farm on which they will be dedicated to work and produce for the region and nation at large, instead of giving to individuals who still don’t make any difference,” he stressed. 

2021-05-20  Obrien Simasiku

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