• September 21st, 2020

Ondonga’s Shuumbwa explains absence at Omagongo festival

ONGWEDIVA – Fillemon Nangolo Shuumbwa – one of the two men claiming to be the king of Ondonga – said there was nothing sinister about his absence from the Omagongo festival held in Ongandjera over the weekend.
“I received an invitation, but I just didn’t get time to make it to the festival,” said Shuumbwa.

Shuumbwa – in a a telephonic interview yesterday – said he also did not have the time to assign someone to represent him either.

On the contrary another claimant to the throne, Konis Kalenga and his supporters thronged the festival in full force.
This year’s festival was celebrated at the Ongandjera Palace at Uukwandongo on Friday and Saturday.
Shuumbwa’s absence has led to speculation that although recognised and crowned by his supporters as omukwaniilwa of Ondonga, he may not have been recognised as such nationally.

The Omagongo festival comes a week after hordes of Aandonga gathered at Shuumbwa’s residence at Onambango village to hear his maiden address as omukwaniilwa.

At the event, he called on his subjects to unite and reconcile with the opposing faction (of Kalenga supporters) for the progress of Ondonga as a whole.

During the same weekend Kalenga also held a meeting with elders of Ondonga to seek clarity on how traditional battles were previously resolved.

Kalenga, with the support of some of the royal family members who nominated him to succeed Omukwaniilwa Immanuel Kauluma Elifas, also sought assurance on their nomination decision.
Kalenga, in his brief address, also called on the two factions to unite.

The auspicious event was attended by traditional authorities within and beyond the eight northern traditional authorities.
The event was also attended by politicians, including ministers, members of cabinet and parliament.

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2019-04-29 09:20:11 | 1 years ago

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