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Oranjemund youth leader strives towards prosperity

2021-06-22  Steven Klukowski

Oranjemund youth leader strives towards prosperity

LÜDERITZ - Oranjemund constituency National Youth Council (NYC) chairperson Nestor Sheimi said they are putting a strategic document in operation, which will promote socio-economic development for the youth in the towns of Oranjemund and Rosh Pinah. 

This was how he summarised the key component of his presentation during the recent Youth Empowerment Seminar that took place in Lüderitz.. 

“This seminar will now steer us towards a journey where we will develop a strategic document guiding us towards the development and growth of the younger segment of the constituency’s population,’’ he explained. 

In terms of the key elements of their plan, he cited the launching of an employment creation centre, training-and-skills development programme and entrepreneurship development
coaching initiative. 

“Through the employment creation centre, we want to establish a database of all the unemployed in the constituency to place them later at government institutions, industries and local businesses in the two towns,’’ he said. 

When touching on the training and skills development aspect, he highlighted the aim as that of assisting the unemployed with basic employment requirements needed nowadays such as obtaining a driver’s licence and being computer literate. 

“It is also our aim to create a culture fostering the idea of entrepreneurial skills development as another means of steering the group towards prosperity,” said Sheimi.   

The chairperson said, at the time they launched the document, which will direct them for the next four years, they approached various private and public stakeholders for guidance and assistance successfully.  “It is highly commendable and appreciated that these institutions came on board to assist us in implementing our plan,’’ he added. 

Sheimi also said they received two laptops from mining giant Namdeb as well as a cash contribution of N$5 000 from a local company, Surecast.

‘’We are always ensured of the assistance from the Oranjemund Town Council as well as the Oranjemund constituency office that are always working in collaboration with our goals and objectives and providing us with financial and technical assistance,’’ he added.  He said they are looking forward to an exciting journey, hoping to get all the necessary support and guidance from the various stakeholders accordingly. 

“The knowledge and information received from this youth seminar will
now give us inspiration and courage as well as directing our youth on what, when and how to do things on the way forward,’’ he concluded.


2021-06-22  Steven Klukowski

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