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Oshikoto councillors sensitised on modern media

2019-10-17  Obrien Simasiku

Oshikoto councillors sensitised on modern media

OMUTHIYAGWIIPUNDI – Regional councillors of Oshikoto were yesterday during an information-sharing session oriented on the operation of modern media and how to build and maintain a good working relationship. 

The two-day workshop, which ends today with a practical session, was organised by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT). 

This was necessitated by the fact that some institutions lack or have no clue on how to deal and share information with the media, as well as developing and using available mechanisms to disseminate information. 

“This was to sensitise the leadership on how to handle media in their multi facets and make them aware of each’s agendas. Further, it’s aimed at addressing the crisis communication created within organisation, to enable them to learn how to build, maintain and protect their brands and reputation when approached or either when malicious information is reported,” said MICT Oshikoto information officer, Paulina Moses.

“There is always a communication crisis within these organisations, especially on leaders and communities in the region and remote areas because they do not have the exposure, knowledge and skills. Thus, we are here to impart the skills and knowledge. For example, leaders in central government have more exposure and composure to be in front of the camera, compared to those in the regions and periphery. Thus we intend to instil that sense of comfortability and confidence,” added Moses.

The politicians were further showed and advised how to compile press releases, as opposed to their concerns that their events are not always covered.

In addition, Josephina Mwashindange, also an information officer, highlighted the importance and negative effects of social media, saying it can build and break through dissemination of factual, unfounded information.
Furthermore, Mwashindange informed the councillors that social media has now become the most effective and quicker way of disseminating information as it is widely used by the majority, hence she urged them to strongly use it.

The event is was very vital to enlighten the councillors, as in some instances journalists find it difficult to access information from leaders, which leaves one to think they are concealing information, while in essence they do not really understand the nature of how the media operates, and no one knows.

2019-10-17  Obrien Simasiku

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