• October 17th, 2019

Oshikoto political leaders snub national event

OMUTHIYA - The community of Oshikoto have expressed disappointment in their regional political leaders on the basis that the majority ducked what was regarded as the region’s biggest event aimed at raising funds for the region’s education system.

Omuthiya in Oshikoto hosted the 8th edition of the National Fish Consumption Day aimed at raising funds and promoting a culture of fish eating nationally. 

There is however uproar among the public as only one of 11 regional councillors pitched up, being Betty Kaula of Guinas constituency. 

Many local authority councillors from Omuthiya and Oniipa were conspicuous by their absence while those from Tsumeb opted to attend the gala dinner for the 17th Tsumeb Copper Festival.
This was not the first-time political leaders in the region have been accused of missing important national events.

This embarrassing situation left the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Bernhardt Esau, somewhat feeling he wasn’t welcome in Oshikoto, where he was for the  National Fish Consumption Day held in Omuthiya.

Esau was heard expressing his displeasure at the low turnout, even though the event was dubbed a success as it raised the highest amount ever of over N$1.2 million in cash pledges and in kind since the inception of the initiative seven years ago.

“Our political leaders have painted a very bad picture by not showing up, especially at an event of this magnitude which aims to fight the educational social ills in areas which they serve,” stressed Amukwiyu when approached for a comment.

“It’s an embarrassment indeed,” reiterated Amukwiyu, adding he will do a follow-up with their offices to find out why they did not attend.

“These people are on a Swapo ticket, and when government through Swapo brings an event aimed for a good cause in the region they miss out. That’s not good,” he quipped.

The amount raised during the gala dinner will be ploughed into the education sector of Oshikoto. The region has 76 000 learners in 221 schools; 57 of the schools are without electricity and a further 24 without clean drinking water.

Obrien Simasiku
2019-10-01 07:10:29 | 16 days ago


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