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Oshikoto to revive health school programme

2021-05-28  Obrien Simasiku

Oshikoto to revive health school programme
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OMUTHIYA - The directorate of health in Oshikoto is working on reviving a school programme to provide health services to pupils. This will assist to detect health issues affecting the learners at an early stage.

The directorate, including stakeholders from education, gender equality and Project HOPE, among others, held a weeklong workshop last week in which it deliberated on ways to undertake the programme as well as set up a task force.

“This initiative caters for schools that are within the vicinity or near clinics and health centres to receive free screening services. Oral tests will be done to detect whether there are dental illnesses suffered by learners such as toothache, decays and so forth for early interventions,” explained health director, Joshua Nghipangelwa.

In addition, he said nurses will be able to also test the vision and hearing of learners, especially those in lower primary. 

“This will assist us in rendering timely treatment and services to learners while at an early stage, especially with vision, because you might have a learner who is short sighted but teachers are unaware, hence this pupil will be greatly affected as he/she cannot see properly. The same goes for hearing. A learner might not hear or catch wrong information, that is why this programme is vital,” added Nghipangelwa.

Furthermore, he said the regional task team would be responsible to coordinate the programme with others who are on the grassroots level. Other services to be offered include the assessment of immunisation as well as adolescent coaching and counselling.

2021-05-28  Obrien Simasiku

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