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Osona village tackles power supply

2022-10-31  Maihapa Ndjavera

Osona village tackles power supply

Rapid population growth at Osona Village near Okahandja necessitated the upgrade of the power grid from 1MVA to 2MVA. The residential and commercial property area has over 8 000 residents and more than 1 600 housing units. 

The residential village is in the process of constructing 500 additional houses, which are expected to be completed within the next six months. 

The inauguration for the power upgrade took place on Friday where it was stated the electricity improvement is also in anticipation of the development of more residential and commercial properties in addition to existing businesses and facilities.

Representing Namibia Power Corporation (NamPower), chief operating officer Fritz Jacobs confirmed the rapid growth of Osona Village dictated the power supply upgrade. 

“We will keep an eye on how the demand is growing, and also for the village to manage its power supply in terms of their planning and their medium- and long-term plans. This is so that the planning and the increase and upgrades are done timely because that will ensure that supply is maintained and is reliable,” said Jacobs.

He added that NamPower has also implemented measures to ensure electricity supply is reliable, including installing a voltage regulator to keep the output voltage as constant as possible. 

NamPower, he emphasised, is committed to ensuring security of supply to support socio economic growth in the country. 

At the same event, Okahandja municipality CEO Alphons Tjitombo, assured support to deliver affordable housing to the community and rendering affordable and reliable services while attracting substantial investment to the town. 

Also, executive director in the energy ministry, Simeon Negumbo, delivered remarks on behalf of minister Tom Alweendo and stated Namibia remains a net importer of electricity. 

“We import between 50 to 70% of the electricity consumed annually. This is not a tenable situation because some of the electricity is imported from systems that are themselves constrained. The ministry in conjunction with the Electricity Control Board and NamPower is responsible for closing this input gap but must do so in the least costly manner,” said the minister. 

He added this is done primarily through the National Integrated Resource Plan (NIRP) 2022. He continued that to date, about 30% of domestic electricity comes from renewable resources, mainly solar. 

“However, the plan is cognisant that we must invest in transmission infrastructure and battery storage technology to take advantage of renewable energy resources fully. The infrastructure we are integrating today will enable Osona Village to improve reliability, reduce network constraints, minimise unplanned interruptions and allow for the expansion of the network to cater for future developments,” he pointed out. 

Alweendo further noted electricity is a crucial enabler for economic growth and social development. 


2022-10-31  Maihapa Ndjavera

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