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Outjo murder accused denies guilt

2021-08-11  Roland Routh

Outjo murder accused denies guilt

A 23-year-old Outjo resident, accused of killing his 19-year-old girlfriend in a fit of jealousy, pleaded not guilty to a charge of murder this week before Windhoek High Court Judge Naomi Shivute.

Robert Useb is charged with murdering Selma Khamuxas by stabbing her at least five times all over her body on 29 March 2019 at a bar in the Soweto location of Outjo.

His legal aid lawyer Meriam Kandoni confirmed the plea and informed the judge his client will make use of his right to remain silent and not divulge the basis of their plea.

It, however, emerged through cross-examination that his defence is a blank denial and that he claims not to know how the victim suffered the injuries that caused her demise.

It is alleged by the State that during the period in question, the accused and victim were involved in an intimate relationship.

According to the indictment, on the night in question, they were socialising at a bar.

 The victim was reportedly talking to other men and also requested her ex-boyfriend to buy her alcohol.

This angered the accused: he allegedly took out a knife and started stabbing the victim all over her body.

The indictment further reads the victim then tried to run away, and the accused chased her and continued to stab her.

It is further alleged that after Useb stabbed the victim at least five times, other patrons at the bar came to her rescue and subdued the accused.

Due to the multiple stab wounds, she died due to hypovolemic shock whilst being transported to a nearby hospital.

Three State witnesses testified they saw Useb at a cuca shop with the victim at the time of the stabbing, and two insisted they saw him stabbing her.

State witness Selma Nowases said she and other people were sitting outside at the back of the cuca shop when the victim came running towards them, asking for help, followed by the accused.

She further said before the victim could say what was wrong, the accused stabbed her.

She, however, only observed two stab wounds: one in the shoulder and one just under the right breast.


2021-08-11  Roland Routh

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