• July 14th, 2020

Papa Banana and his daughter releases My Beautiful Namibia for independence

Music pioneer and choreographer, Papa Banana, real name Weshitile Shekupe, and his daughter Monika Kamati, recently released a single titled My Beautiful Namibia to celebrate Independence Day.

The song was launched last week together with the exhibition on Independence at the National Art Gallery.
My Beautiful Namibia narrates the history of the country and its rich cultural heritage.
In an interview with Entertainment Now! Kamati said that as a musical family the two do music together which keeps their bond very strong.

Banana, who was a freedom fighter, said the song is about paying respect to those who fought and died during the liberation struggle and appreciating what they have done for the country.
‘’In the song, we expressed ourselves on how much we love our country and also teaching the younger generation about the struggle we had to go through to make Namibia as it is right now,’’ Banana said.
Kamati said the collaboration between her and Banana contributed to the youthful sound of the song while reminiscing on the days of the liberation struggle.

‘’I have been doing music since I was young and following my father to concerts is what built my passion for music and when I grew older, we started making music together which is the most amazing thing ever,’’ Kamati told Entertainment Now!

The duo calls upon the nation to come together and celebrate Independence Day.
The CD is available, and for more information, contact Kamati on 0816423289.

Aletta Shikololo
2020-03-16 07:39:52 | 3 months ago

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