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PDM comfortably wins Opuwo Rural

2021-07-05  Kuzeeko Tjitemisa

PDM comfortably wins Opuwo Rural
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Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) candidate for the Opuwo Rural constituency by-election Melchizedek Muharukua comfortably sailed to victory when he
scooped more than a quarter of votes cast.

The by-election in the constituency occurred following the passing of PDM constituency councillor Uaurikua Kakuva earlier this year from Covid-19 complications. 

Muharukua took 2 330 of the 3 451 total votes cast, followed by Swapo’s Kazepanda Tjambiru with 486 votes. Other candidates who took part in the by-election include Nudo’s Hariki Maundu with 414 votes, RDP’s Rikambura Kaiho with 141votes and IPC’s Kaihepere Tjituri who managed a paltry 80 votes. Muharukua yesterday thanked the
PDM leadership for the support and voters for the peaceful election while promising to address the plight of residents as per their wishes.  

“Opuwo Rural is faced with many challenges which include poor network, hunger necessitated by the prolonged drought, poverty and this are some of the issues I am tasked with by the voters to address,” Muharukua told New Era yesterday.   

He pleaded with the voters to give him the necessary support to accomplish the mission that he is embarking on.  

Party secretary general Manuel Ngaringombe yesterday attributed the party’s win to an unequivocal demonstration of credence in the capable leadership of the party and the residents of Opuwo Rural constituency. “We do not take this popular mandate lightly, and we will double-down on our efforts to give full practical manifestation to our 2020 local governance manifesto that is centred on uplifting the lives of our people at the local and regional level,” he said.

He said the development of local economies is an imperative element of the PDM local governance manifesto, and it is on this basis that the newly elected councillor will continue improving projects in the Opuwo Rural that are aimed at uplifting the rural economy. 

Ngaringombe said special attention will be given to the rural employment project,
the Otuzemba Water Flow Improvement Project and the Okahua Road Clearing and Chicken Project, amongst others. 

He also used the opportunity to reiterate the party’s call for the central government to avail more funds to the regional councils in order to facilitate fast-tracked development at the constituency level. “The current funds being availed to regional councils are grossly insufficient at the current moment.
In conclusion, the PDM thanks all the residents of Opuwo Rural who cast their votes for the PDM and its candidate,” said Ngaringombe.

He further thanked the party’s volunteers and foot soldiers who ensured that the PDM received this popular mandate. 

“It was through our volunteers and foot soldiers that the PDM managed to record this decisive victory,” he said. Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) chief electoral officer Theo Mujoro described Friday’s by-election as having been conducted in a calm and peaceful atmosphere, with no incidents recorded.   

“The commission extends its gratitude to all the polling officials, police personnel and political party agents for the professionalism and dedication in overseeing and ensuring a credible and smooth polling process,” Mujoro said. “ECN would like to thank all the voters that turned up at the polling stations for the courage to cast their ballots amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.”

2021-07-05  Kuzeeko Tjitemisa

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