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PDM promises massive reforms

2019-10-21  Staff Reporter

PDM promises massive reforms
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Steven Klukowski

KEETMANSHOOP - Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) supporters were appealed to afford the party just one term in ruling, to effect beneficial changes for the country during the party’s star rally in Keetmanshoop at the weekend.

Party president McHenry Venaani made this call when addressing party members and supporters at the said political meeting. 

He further reasoned that one cannot seek political compromises and popularism driven by tribalism.
“Our unity lies within diversity, hence PDM vows to fight for one country, one nation,” said Venaani.  He goes on by stating his mission as that of a leader leading Namibia and gives all its inhabitants equal opportunities.  “Why voting for Venaani, because it will be a political-driven decision, one that needs to be done to change the country, since I am the only one having the ability and emotional intelligence to run this country better than Swapo,” the parliamentarian boasted.

Venaani further said that the ruling party members place their hands on everything they can loot, citing NBC, Air Namibia and GIPF as examples.  

In addition, he promised a regime with zero percent corruption if voted into power.
In terms of job creation, the party leader promised to introduce a programme of in-service training for the unemployed in order to afford them the opportunity of bridging the requirement of experience.  “The Popular Democratic party is the only one having an achievable manifesto which we presented as the first political party in the country,” he stressed.

The party president further promised to put up three desalination plants to provide sufficient water for the residents of //Kharas region, living in a semi-arid country. “We will in addition provide loans to farmers to modernise agriculture,” he said. Venaani furthermore reasoned that only the agricultural sector can reduce the unemployment rate in the country.

“We will further ensure collaterals for those living in rural areas since they are struggling to obtain it as their assets does not serve compliable.”  According to Venaani, his party will aggressively promote Private Public Partnerships in order to establish factories and processing plants in all the country’s constituencies.
“We, as PDM will create a new health policy, ending the era of Paracetemol  (Panado) at hospitals and clinics,” said Venaani. He added that under his party’s rule, no medicines will be bought under the tendering system since private suppliers will be engaged directly. 

The politician then promised to tackle the worrying statistics of Namibia having one of the world’s most high prices in obtaining property. “We will make sure to introduce a resettlement policy that will afford every Namibian access to land, in the process bringing down housing prices,” he promised.

The party leader also informed supporters that PDM, if voted into power will have a Cabinet of 15 ministers and four deputy ministers as opposed to the current scenario. “These members will be selected on a base of best skilled individuals in-and-outside the party.”       

 Venaani urged those present to vote for PDM “give me the shoes to run this country, to bring the changes needed.”

2019-10-21  Staff Reporter

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