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PDM promises more aid for farmers

2019-10-16  John Muyamba

PDM promises more aid for farmers
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RUNDU - Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) leader McHenry Venaani says his party, if elected, will develop more irrigation schemes, provide tractors, seeds and empower farmers to feed the nation, especially in the two Kavango and Zambezi regions. 

Venaani made the remarks during a rally in Rundu attended by his supporters from the two Kavango regions on Saturday afternoon.

“And we are going to create jobs through agricultural modernisation here in Kavango and Zambezi regions. I am going to spend money in this regions because it has a lot of water both underground and from the Kavango River,” he said. 

“Everywhere in the world, where there is water there is development but under the current government, the two Kavango region and Zambezi are the poorest regions while they have the most arable land and the most water. Zambia is feeding nearly the whole of Sadc with maize, why is Zambia feeding us? because they have water, because they have land just like Kavango and Zambezi but they are the poorest, so we are going to change that,” he noted.

During the rally, Venaani promised that all young people in the two Kavango regions will be trained and given hectares of land, water, seeds that they will plant to  produce food and create jobs for other Namibians.

Apart from promising to maximise agriculture, the PDM leader also noted that his party is the force of change in Namibia and that there is no other political party that has the ability and resilience capacity to challenge the ruling party, Swapo.

“We are the party that can create alternative for the people of Namibia, Venaani is the force of change, I am going to be the force of change in this country,” he said.

“I am here for the people of Namibia, I am here to find a better Namibia for all the children of Namibia, I am here to be the leader of this country to help all children of Namibia whether you are from Swapo, PDM or from any other party, when I will become the president, I will become the leader of all the children of Namibia and I shall work for a new Namibia,” he promised.

“I am not here to talk about the problems of Swapo, because Swapo is telling us nice stories but we are suffering, I am here to tell you the story of change, I want to tell you how I will change this country, for the country to work for you, to work for me, to work for your children, to work for my children to work for my tribe, your tribe, my region and your region,” he continued.

Venaani told his supporters that he wants to create a Namibia where all people will share the prosperity of the country. “I want a Namibia where our children are free to find success in their lives, I want a Namibia that creates jobs for the young people of this country, I want a Namibia that gives tenders to all Namibians not only to a selected few, I want to see a Namibia where we work for a country that is moving upwards not a country that is moving backward. That is why PDM is saying let’s move Namibia forward we are a force of change to take Namibia forward,” he said.

“This is a document called strategy Namibia, I am here to officially launch this document, we have officially released it three weeks ago, now we are launching it in Rundu, this is the manifesto that will change Namibia. I always tell my leaders, that when you want something you must want it with all your heart, you must love your country, you must pray for it, you must work for it, for Namibia to be a better place. The ruling party is asking for another chance, they want another chance to steal N$600 million and nobody goes to prison, when a child here in Rundu steals a TV he will go three to five months to prison but those in power steal N$600 million and say there’s no evidence to prosecute,” he shouted.

2019-10-16  John Muyamba

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