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POEM - Happy Independence Day

2023-03-22  Correspondent

POEM - Happy Independence Day

Who knocked the water gallons? 

Now, he or she reminds us of fetching 

Our forefathers suffered the brutality of colonialism 

Our foremothers suffered the cruelty of imperialism 

Namibia’s virgin land was ruthlessly exploited

As a result, heroes and sheroes retaliated

In thick forests they slept, teeming with wild animals 

Crocodiles-infested rivers they fearlessly crossed 

Those days, guns ululated Namibia 

Bullets rejoiced for political independence

Consequently, some died on crucible battlefield 

Whereas some were incarcerated in prisons

Their ultimate aim was to gain independence 

Thus, their fortitude should be revered

Today, our hearts rejoice in happiness 

Our souls roam freely in the land of the brave 

Our spirit sings one song of liberty and unity 

Our eyes weep the tears of joy and agony 

As we ponder our living and departed ancestors 

Whose blood watered our freedom 

The freedom that we are enjoying today 


2023-03-22  Correspondent

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