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POEM - Live for Today

2023-03-08  Correspondent

POEM - Live for Today

Ruben Kapimbi

For the sun hikes up the hills,

to smear Vaseline around your heels,

and flashes you the skills,

Start thine day with brown 

or white toast. 


Weed the whole wheat. 

Blacks and whites have equal sunshine,

Our thoughts squashed between 

morning and nightfall, 

For the wasted yesterday was 

once a today!


The sun’s petals flirting our dreams,

To shovel the ups and downs of life,

These candlewax dreams 

will melt by noonday.

Or they’ll sewage into 

streams of tears,

For tomorrow will morph 

into today.


Fake friends passing by, 

like busy-ness-men?

The dearests sipping tears, and 

paddling in a pool of sweat.

Surmount today – tomorrow won’t bully you.  


Sunrise is a blank page,

Nightfall is a sketchpad of 

miscarried goals.

The fragile plans, blown by procrastinating winds.

Cling to what’s right, let 

go what’s left.


Daybreak induces 

embryonic missions,

Before curtains of nightfall entomb

your unfulfilled wishes.

Every second a coinage to splurge

So lug a feather-light suitcase 

of do’s & don’ts

For we’re squeezed between the 

first light 

and last night.

Seize today and chain yesterday!

Rich out to the Poor?


Some will ignite a match


arson your tantrums ideas:

Before the sunset slam shuts the day;

You only have Y24 to open today’s door, 

Hug the sunshine and shove the darkness.

To put it in black and white.

Today is all that matters!

2023-03-08  Correspondent

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