• June 5th, 2020

Police appeals for caution over festive season

Loide Jason 

WINDHOEK - With the festive season upon us, the Namibian Police Force has once again emphasised the importance of safety, security and lawfulness 

 Police Public Relations Officer, Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi, says the Namibian police launched its festive season operation on November 25 until January 19, 2019 during which there will be a high number of police visibility, within towns as well as on national roads.  Shikwambi says it is a fact that many will be travelling across the country during this period as schools and some factories and other employment companies are closed during December. 

She further notes that during this period, the country experiences the highest “pandemic” of road traffic accidents, causing serious injuries and deaths to our citizens and visitors alike. “Owing to that, the Inspector-General of the Namibian Police Force is appealing to all road users to adhere to traffic rules and regulations, by maintaining the allowed speed limit, maintaining safe following distance and to refrain from drinking alcohol or any intoxicating substances while driving. Not to overtake at blind spots and if tired to pull off the road and rest before continuing with your journey,” says Shikwambi.

The chief inspector says that, the police Inspector-General request all Namibians to adhere to the traffic rules and collaborate with the police to pull together and further reduce road accidents. The festive season holidays see an increase in travelling, shopping and socializing; a season which also appears to be a peak period where crime rate always escalate. However, most of these criminal activities can be prevented only if there is great attention and extra precaution to prevent crime from occurring. “Some prevalent crime risks during this period include: housebreaking, ATM / online fraud, scams, cellphone and or handbag snatching. Robbery and theft under false pretence is taking place daily, leading to the loss of valuable properties. Therefore, as a nation, we must protect our properties, be vigilant and always scan the environment around us in whatever we do; especially when withdrawing huge amounts of  cash from banks,” she explained.

Shikwambi further adds that every Namibian citizen and visitors alike are requested to be vigilant in protecting themselves and their families and their properties during this festive season.  And to those who are travelling must ensure that their properties are not deserted and that they alert their nearest police station for necessary patrol arrangements. 

Loide Jason
2018-12-18 09:40:43 | 1 years ago

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