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Police chiefs preach caution

2021-12-15  Maria Amakali

Police chiefs preach caution

Police chief Sebastian Ndeitunga has asked the public to take precautionary measures to ensure their safety and that their properties during the festive season are guaranteed.

Ndeitunga said, in addition to the efforts by the police, business owners and families who intend to travel should put stiffer security measures in place and inform the police of their departure. 

“Practising safety and security is very imperative so that we do not create opportunities for criminals to harm us, rob us or steal our valuables,” said Ndeitunga.

The police chief said it is during the festive season where they observe an increase in criminal activities, such as housebreaking and theft as well as robberies, which include handbags and cellphone snatching, theft out of motor vehicles and other economic crimes, including social media and online scams.

Ndeitunga is encouraging Namibians to mobilise themselves and protect their neighbourhoods during the festive time. 

“The police and the community need to work together using the best ways possible to combat crime because if we are not, criminal activities will always prosper where there is a reluctance to safety and security,” noted Ndeitunga. 

Sharing Ndeitunga’s sentiments is City Police chief Abraham Kanime.

He is cautioning business owners not to leave large sums of money on their premises during the festive season. 

“While a majority of the residents will be going on holiday, our officers will be on duty to ensure the residents and their properties are protected,” said Kanime. 

He said, the public should expect to see officers on duty, as they intend on setting up roadblocks and aggressively patrolling the streets. 

For those travelling, Kanime said they should adhere to the rules of the road to prevent crashes and fatalities on the road. 


2021-12-15  Maria Amakali

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