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Politician apologises for sipping booze publicly 

2020-04-08  Loide Jason

Politician apologises for sipping booze publicly 
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Loide Jason 

Ohangwena regional councillor of Engela constituency and National Council member, Jason Ndakunda tendered an unconditional apology to the nation following the circulation of a video showing him gleefully drinking in public while driving his vehicle on Monday.
On Monday afternoon, the councillor was recorded at a non-fatal accident scene in Ohangwena, where he rammed another car from behind.
“I hereby wish to unconditionally apologise for what happened yesterday as being circulated in a video on social media. 

I fully regret the incident and all the inconvenience that it may have caused,” he stated on his online page.
Ndakunda confirmed the video, saying it was taken with sensational and hatred intentions by those who want to derail his political career.
“I had an empty Windhoek Draught can in my car and I just put it on my mouth to distract the mob justice that wanted to attack me, claiming that I was drunk. I was not drunk, I was just confused because of the accident and the mob that was threatening to beat me,” he explained. He said although he regrets his reckless action, he was fully on duty, further insisting that he drank the beer at home.
 “I just maybe forgot to remove the can from the car, but I drank that can at home. I have enough stock of drinks at home and I did not defy the order of drinking in public. That is why I have apologised to the entire public for showing the alcohol can in public,” he defended himself.
The councillor admitted that he caused an accident because he failed to recognise the speed hump on the Oshikango main road, but not because he was intoxicated. 
“After the accident happened, I immediately called someone to come pick me up from the scene because I was confused. My car was taken by the Namibian Police and it is now in the hands of the police,” he explained.
Ohangwena police spokesperson Abner Itumba confirmed a case of negligence or reckless driving has been opened at the Oshikango police and is being investigated against the councillor. The police seem not to have taken the suspect for an alcohol test to determine whether he drunk above the legally permissible limit, which in itself is a criminal offence to which he could pay a fine if found guilty. He further explained that the councillor was not yet arrested neither charged because the investigation is still at a premature stage. Meanwhile, the Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) said it was deeply disheartened and totally dismayed by the video of Ndakunda circulating on social media.
“With the utmost sincerity, we expected comrade Ndakunda to be exemplary and honourable in his conduct, especially in the public space and to lead by example with the highest zealously degree in particular, with respect and adherence to the state of emergency regulations declared by President Hage Geingob and subsequently passed by parliament,” the SPYL statement read. The political youth league said the councillor’s conduct has brought the good name of the ruling party into disrepute and advised him to unreservedly apologise to the people of Namibia, in particular the people of Ohangwena region and Engela constituency. 

2020-04-08  Loide Jason

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