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‘Politics of the belly’ dividing Swapo - Mulongeni

2018-09-19  Obrien Simasiku

‘Politics of the belly’ dividing Swapo - Mulongeni

OMUTHIYA -The root cause of the squabbles within the Swapo party, according to Dr Ben Mulongeni is because of lust for money and greediness among some ruling party members. 

Mulongeni described the state as politics of the belly, whereby everyone wants to eat, rather than focusing on building the party.

Mulongeni, a Political Scientist and member of Swapo Party Think Tank, made these remarks during the party’s interactive debate held on Saturday in Omuthiya. 

He urged party members to work together in harmony and avoid fighting as that unnecessarily brings the party into disrepute.
The topic under discussion was “both leaders and cadres must strive for personal attributes such as commitment, dedication, loyalty, respect for others, modesty and critical thinking.”

“It is not helpful to be pointing fingers at someone, as when the party is dragged to the ground it goes down with all of us, irrespective of who is right or wrong. Therefore, let’s be mindful and work together in unity instead of hating one another,” said Mulongeni, after the house indicated the issues of division and disunity as being rife within the party in the region. 

Concurring with Mulongeni, the Regional Coordinator, Armas Amukwiyu said disunity is cancerous within the party in Oshikoto and he warned those sowing and orchestrating issues of disunity that their time is limited, as strong action will be taken upon the divisive elements.

“I am very serious on this one, those to be identified will be taken to order and if need be given time to rethink whether they truly want to belong to the party which they are trying to destroy from within,” Amukwiyu informed a fully packed conference hall. 

On the other hand, Mulongeni compared party members that unceremoniously topple fellow cadre from positions for their own gain as committing a coup d’état.

2018-09-19  Obrien Simasiku

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