• July 4th, 2020

Portia powers women in Women’s Club Radio

WINDHOEK - Portia Timbo is a crazy networker, fireball of a party and stakeholder engager. She will be hosting a show called Women’s Club on Urban Café Radio.

It’s an interactive radio platform for women, with the inclusion of men’s contribution and participation that encompasses empowerment of Women in the Namibian community through a variety of social, cultural, economic and modern-day matters.

Speaking to Entertainment Now!, Portia said Women’s Club Radio is a concept of Urban Café Radio that happened to tie into a vision she had regarding anchoring a radio show, focusing on everyday real-life talks by women for women. ‘’I was simply at the right place and right time when I shared my vision with the Urban Café Radio Management – and the rest is history,’’ she said.

Timbo, who worked in the financial industry for 14 years at one of the country’s leading banks as a product manager, decided the time was right to evolve and live her passion. She registered a company under her name, which is multi-disciplined, focusing on corporate training solutions to event hosting and brand management. She also owns an online lingerie boutique for fuller figured women. ‘’My purpose statement is challenging the status quo; I had to inspire my ordinary self to become an extraordinary person and to create this greatness. I had to leave my comfort zone and go on a journey of ‘on becoming’ – explore, learn and live intentionally,’’ she explained. 

Pushing her passion and rebirthing a new her was a drive that welcomed an opportunity of entering into the entrepreneurial concrete jungle that has not been easy but satisfying for her.

The freshman motivational and public speaker says she thrives on seeing women warriors: women who are not afraid to bring the bacon home; women who fix one another’s crown, and women who embrace their perfect imperfections. ‘’Encouraging and equipping women to live their best life in every season – from the bedroom to the boardroom – gives me a sense of living a purpose-driven life. I may not reach out to all but the few that I have crossed paths with are drawn to my infectious positive energy and I allow them to tap into it because my cup is forever overflowing with it,’’ she concluded. 

She further reminded this reporter that her presence will not go unnoticed because she does not demand attention – she commands attention. 

The online podcast can be streamed live every Monday at 9:00, Wednesday 16:00 and Friday 9:00 at www.urbancaferadio.com.na, or simply download the app on Google Play Store: UrbanCafé Radio 

Strauss Lunyangwe
2020-01-17 11:10:36 | 5 months ago

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