• March 30th, 2020

Reggie Films offers videos for N$1 000

WINDHOEK - In light of celebrating 100 music videos releases, Reggie Films Crew Agency has decided to shoot music videos for only N$1 000.00.

Speaking to Entertainment Now!, Undjee Reggie Zaire said it was a way to say ‘thank you’ to all artist he has worked with and give back to the music industry. ‘’We are celebrating 100 music video releases over the past three years. We are offering music videos at a ridiculous price of N$1 000.00; I would say it is unheard of around the world. It [the offer] will be ending on 12 February,’’ he explained.

Reggie, as he is popularly known, is currently the go-to guy in terms of music video production, and he attributes his work ethic and high-quality production to consistency and being selective when it comes to choosing which artist to work with.

The creative director is an architectural technologist, and he said the highest rate he charged for his production was N$25 000.00, depending on the vision of the artist. ‘’It depends on what needs to get the job done; we start at N$4 000.00, which is a simple running gun video with minimal planning – with production and editing taking two days or so,’’ he said.

Sally Boss Madam’s ‘Natural’ video ignited his career in 2016, which received airplay on MTV Base, Trace Africa and numerous platforms in Africa. The video, in the end, had a significant effect on the brand, he expressed.

Reggie informed this reporter that they have already shot two videos so far as submissions keep on streaming in. ‘’The only catch to submitting is that the song needs to be shorter than 2 minutes and we have the choice over which songs we choose to work with. So, only dope music will do,’’ he advised artists. 

The videographer mentioned that his team is the reason why they achieved so much and have been putting in the work, as it is not a one-man show in the end. ‘’As it always seems that it’s just Reggie at the end of the day who is doing all the work, which is not the case. I have got the best editor, an amazing producer, and the best set assistant, to whom I owe all my success to – they stand behind the brand RFC,’’ he stated.

Amongst other things, last year on his FaceBook page, Reggie announced that his alcohol brand called ZA.ir Gin passed all the checkmarks and would be available for retail. ‘’It’s been the most challenging and personally rewarding tasks creating an alcohol brand with little to no knowledge on how the industry works. I’m committed with my team to bring you the best Namibian product to take on the international stage because quality and legacy are what matters the most,’’ it read.


Strauss Lunyangwe
2020-01-24 09:16:58 | 2 months ago

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