• September 15th, 2019
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Reinstated Kanime says suspension was costly

WINDHOEK - City Police Chief Abraham Kanime said the upliftment to his suspension has been long overdue and at the same time costly.  Kanime’s sentiments come after City of Windhoek council voted on Tuesday evening to lift his suspension. Kanime was placed on suspension 14 months ago by City of Windhoek Robert Kahimise for alleged serious misconduct. 
New Era was informed that the City council decided to uplift the suspension and directed Kahimise to write a letter to Kanime. 

Kanime is expected to be back at work within 72 hours of the decision. 
Speaking to New Era yesterday afternoon, the City Police Chief said he did not receive any official communication regarding the matter. 

But when asked about the outcome, he said:  It was long overdue and costly. “Let me just end there. Not only costly for me but the City too. And it is not supposed to be,” he told this reporter.

 Kanime said most people only came to know the case when he was suspended but started long ago. “I cannot share the amount at this point in time but it’s a huge cost, “he added.

About two weeks ago, High Court ordered that City’s CEO and the council of the City of Windhoek call a meeting not later than May 22 at which council will consider whether or not to uplift Kanime’s suspension. The matter was then postponed to June 5 for status hearing. The court also ordered that cost of this application are to stand over for later determination.
The court also ordered they also agree on the same date (May 22) and set a suitable date for the continuation of the said hearing.

 New Era learnt that the hearing committee has allegedly already set the date for Kanime’s hearing, they just need to announce it.

This was after Kanime approached the High Court to compel the City to set aside this suspension, which Kanime argues has become unfair, unnecessary, unlawful and unconstitutional. Kanime wanted to be reinstated into his position following his suspension. Before Kanime approaching the court, there were two separate legal opinions addressed to council and the CEO that Kanime’s investigation was since complete and there was absolutely no reason for him (Kanime) to remain on suspension. It was then when the head of City police approached the court to compel the City of Windhoek to set a date for his delayed disciplinary hearing after the matter seems to have degenerated into a game of ping-pong between the Windhoek Council and the Chief Executive Officer Robert Kahimise as to whom should uplift his suspension.

Selma Ikela
2019-05-23 08:19:05 3 months ago

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