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Remembering a great man of substance  Kai Meester Solomon Seth Angalie Manga  1949-2017

2023-09-08  Carlos Kambaekwa

Remembering a great man of substance  Kai Meester Solomon Seth Angalie Manga  1949-2017

The late Solomon Seth Manga’s life was one of selflessness, complimented by his incredible undying love and affection for fellow human beings. Kai Meester will always be remembered for his unwavering service to the community, and his spirit of kindness will never be forgotten.

Ai toxoba, Kai Meester, you were without a shadow of a doubt one of a kind. Your untimely departure from mother planet has left not only your close loved ones powerless but also those who came to know you up close as a warm, kind-hearted gentleman with a golden heart.

Kai Meester, you have left behind deep tracks that represent the success of your protégés in the education sector, which in all likelihood promises to contribute to the good behaviour of future generations. You came, saw and conquered. Apart from being a salted schoolteacher specialising in the arts, Kai Meester was a mean baller, who used to mesmerise robust defenders with his trademark deft touches and amazing dribbling skills.

He was an absolute marvel to watch on the football field. Kai Meester Manga was the mainstay of Spoilers engine room, pulling the strings in the middle of the park with relative ease, much to the delight of the appreciative football fans that used to flock in large numbers to the Nau Aib stadium.

The nimble-footed attacking midfielder was a football genius and could do anything with the spherical object glued to his tiny feet. 

Kai Meester possessed all the attributes of a complete athlete: quick off the mark, speed, a brilliant first touch and the ability to cut open tight defences with his well-executed, delicious defence-splitting passes.

The ‘Slippery Fox’ was the heart and soul of Spoilers, playing alongside the equally dangerous Doc Naobeb, lethal net buster Gotty Geiseb, devastating winger Siegfried Jomo Haoseb, speedy flanker Ebson ‘Mostertjie’ Eiseb, and young and energetic overlapping fullback George Gariseb.

Kai Meester Seth Manga was a founder member of Khorixas leading outfit, Robber Chanties Football Club, playing alongside greats such as the late Bonnie Kruger, Barnabas ‘BB’ Ouseb, Bonifatius ‘Mannetjie’ Neidel, Theobaldt ‘Momina’ (‘The Sniffing Dog’) Gurirab, Hendrik ‘Doc’ Harldey, Paul Gawarib Uirab and versatile defender Eliphas ‘The Beast’ Sabatha, among a galaxy of stars.

The latter was among the very few local footballers to play professional football beyond the border of their native land, Namibia, following in the footsteps of Manfred ‘Bomber’ Schultz, Hasso Ahrens, Hermann ‘Pele’ Blaschke, Eduard Zimmer and Ishmael ‘Lemmy Spceial’ Narib in that sequence.

A true gentleman on and off the field, Angalie was your typical modern-day false nine-player, operating effortlessly between the midfield and the firing line. A man of few words and a strict disciplinarian, the well-respected schoolteacher somehow instilled a sense of discipline amongst his peers.

The nimble-footed dribbling wizard brought a new dimension to the team’s style of play in contrast to the team’s previously applied outdated hit-and-run approach. With Kai Meester Manga in the scheme of things, Spoilers started to play the most attractive football ever witnessed in that neck of the woods.

The blue and white strip outfit embarked on a simple one-touch football philosophy, excellently copied from their more technically advanced German counterparts across town, the Okahandja Mannschaft. Off the field, Kai Meester was not to be outdone either.

The slightly built, slippery attacker elegantly transferred the generosity of his educated shooting boots and amazing dribbling skills to the bedroom. He genetically manufactured a sizeable number of bubbling pikininis to extend the clan by over 50 siblings.

2023-09-08  Carlos Kambaekwa

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