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Reviving the music industry, setting standards

2024-05-10  Paheja Siririka

Reviving the music industry, setting standards

Artistic duo D.O.T. wants to revive the music industry, create a standard, and leave behind a blueprint for upcoming artists to follow without having to be used, solicited, and never reaping the benefits of their talent. 

D.O.T stands for ‘Dubz, Oscar, Takeover’ as well as Discovering Our Talent’ and consists of Whilzahn Gelderbloem aka ‘Dubz’ and Oscar Muyambo, known in the creative space as ‘Oscar the Creator’.

The pair decided earlier this year to team up and give Namibians content through vlogs and other platforms.

Dubz is a professional radio personality and an actress with over 10 years of experience in the media and art industry, and is no stranger to taking the stage.

Oscar is a creative in the country’s visual arts industry, and has been producing music for over 10 years with NAMA-nominated singles such as Caroline. 

“From songwriting to singing, rapping and production: we do it all ourselves. Hopefully, our supporters and anyone who loves our work will appreciate it, and get to witness the crossover into various international platforms within the near future,” Dubz told VIBEZ!

They promise to be the coolest alternative team that will be singing, rapping, songwriting and deejaying to entertain the masses through their fun-infused alternative delivery.

She added that they have so far released a self-titled EP consisting of 11 versatile tracks, which they produced and recorded in four months at their Oscar’s Creative Studio. The EP showcases their talent in rapping and singing. 

The EP is worth an eat, with catchy lyrics in titles like Tweka, Fun, New Swaag, Hold Me, Let Go, and We Doing This.

The content is on social settings, night life, regrets and more. Someone Like You is a song that tests their vocal ability as it is a love song, slow-paced, with a beautiful melody accompanied by the backing of an electric guitar. All the lyrics are in English with a slight mix of Namlish, just for control. 

“D.O.T is not just a duo, but a movement. We hope to inspire the next generation of artists, and re-inspire artists that have already given up on their talent,” said Oscar the Creator.


2024-05-10  Paheja Siririka

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