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Rogerio's pursuit of success in sport and fashion

2023-08-24  Maurice Kambukwe

Rogerio's pursuit of success in sport and fashion

Can you share a bit about your background?

I came from a very talented and hardworking sporty family, where everyone from my dad to all my siblings were all involved in sports.

How did your upbringing influence your journey into both volleyball and modelling? 

As a two-sport athlete, I have learned a lot about myself through volleyball and basketball. Each sport has taught me many lessons that have helped me not only on the court but also outside of sports.

What inspired you to pursue a career in volleyball? 

I started off with basketball, and the year after, I joined volleyball as well. I was so fortunate to be mentored by a wonderful coach, mother to all, and sport enthusiast who goes by the name Esther Nakathingo. She groomed and educated me on the foundations of sports in general. An athlete without discipline is not an athlete at all. She ensured we all had good grades before and after sports. She personified both education and sports. She educated me on all aspects of sports; cheers to her for my athletic ability today.

What are some of the highlights of your playing career so far?

One of my highlights has to be when I scooped the league title and the National Federation Cup while playing for Six Stars in Ondangwa.

Of all the matches you have played, which one stands out as the most memorable for you? 

I played for our regional team (Ohangwena) at the regional games that took place in Windhoek. We had to make a statement in the city by securing our spot in the final against Khomas. It was unfortunate that we lost, but we got the recognition we deserved. I also got the award of Most Valuable Player of the Tournament (MVP), which really boosted my confidence and elevated my status in volleyball in so many ways.


Mention some of your proudest achievements in both volleyball and modelling.

I currently play for Khomas Nampol Volleyball Club, nicknamed ‘the Winning Team, and we have three titles for the club and expect more to come in the near future. I play alongside some of the greatest players in Namibian volleyball.

What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a volleyball player, and how do you navigate them while pursuing your modelling career?

Every man on the court has to work together to accomplish a single goal. I depend on them, and they depend on me. To succeed as a team, each person needs to do their very best, even though they are doing different things.

Being part of volleyball and modelling has taught me to work with and respect a lot of different types of people, some of whom are really different from me, which is a valuable aspect of life, inside and outside of sports.

What is the current state of volleyball in Namibia?

The sport is gradually growing. There are always challenges. There are changes that are slow, but I believe that with time they will grow. The biggest challenge the sport faces is the lack of sponsorship and limited volleyball facilities. However, I strongly believe these challenges will be a thing of the past in the near future.

Balancing a career in both sports and modelling must be demanding. Can you share your approach to maintaining this balance effectively? 

Being a model and an athlete was tough at first, as the two events would sometimes clash. However, with time, I managed to get around it through planning and good time management. Time management is the key to everything. Being able to have a clearly set schedule and clearly defined priorities helps a lot.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself playing international volleyball within the next three to five years. Opportunities will be available soon.

2023-08-24  Maurice Kambukwe

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