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Sally on her 10 Years A Boss tour

2020-03-09  Paheja Siririka

Sally on her 10 Years A Boss tour

Sally Ephraim Keya widely known as Sally Boss Madam has decided to go on a musical tour in some parts of Namibia that will see her performing live concerts in eight towns such as Tsumeb, Rundu, Windhoek, Gobabis, Keetmanshoop, Grootfontein, Katima Mulilo and Walvis Bay in a concert dubbed ‘10 Years A Boss’.

She told Entertainment Now! the purpose of the tour is to celebrate the time she has been in the industry and if it wasn’t for the support, she wouldn’t have probably lasted for 10 years. “It is not about me, it is about the supporters/fans. If it wasn’t for them, I would have probably lasted for 10 days,” she admitted.
The afro-fusion singer said the first show is scheduled for 25 April 2020 at the Oscar Norich Stadium in Tsumeb with an electrifying line-up by Otjiwarongo’s DJ Castro, King Elegant, DJ Spuzza and King Tee Dee. “The selection of artists was in no particular order and although we wanted to involve many artists, the scheduling of some clashed a little bit with the tour dates, so we couldn’t have certain performers on specific dates,” disclosed Sally.

She said this left the organising team with the special four for the first show. “In no particular order, I have shared a stage with King Tee Dee numerous times, he has been there the whole time, the longest he has been an amazing inspiration, I am honoured that he agreed to join me on this tour,” said the overzealous Sally.

She said King Elegant is talented. “I respect his art and I am honoured he joined as well. It’s a humbling moment for me because the response was overwhelming when we sent out requests of who would like to join me on the tour.”

Because of the response, Sally said they couldn’t have everyone on the first show that’s why they decided to stretch out other artists for other shows in different respective towns.

On her experience in the industry for the past decade and more, Sally said it just hit her that she has existed for more than a decade in the industry. “When you build something wholeheartedly, you grow with time and it took more than 10 years to build my brand and I am particularly saying 10 years because I feel it’s a decade ago that I started getting recognised for the work and professionalism, ” admitted Sally.

Sally started in a group called Cyberspace with the likes of Cashley, went on a solo career and collaborated with other artists before finding herself and decided to concentrate on a solo career. “I am looking forward to 10 more years, there has been a shift in the way music is done, a lot was lacking back then and it takes time to be in the industry but I am glad to be able to be part of something much bigger than me,” she mentioned.

Sally said the most important thing that she is doing is carrying the torch and making sure it stays lit. “There were other artists that carried this torch for us and I am here running my race up until I am able to hand this over to someone else, we are part of something bigger, we are building for the future generation, ” stated Sally.

She is armed with her dancers, a live band on the tour changing the status quo of being hired to perform to hosting your own shows in the country. 
“The whole team and I are ready and we want to give you our best and most when one is doing these types of performances, one does it on borrowed time but not this time around. This is an opportunity for me to roll out a whole concert,” Sally confidently said. -

2020-03-09  Paheja Siririka

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