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Scammers swindle N$150 000 from pensioners

2024-05-22  Correspondent

Scammers swindle N$150 000 from pensioners

Charles Ndeumane


ONGWEDIVA - In a series of orchestrated scams, two unsuspecting pensioners in the Oshana region fell victim to fraudsters who used foreign numbers to dupe them out of a total of N$150 000.

The scammers, posing as bank officials, managed to extract personal information from the victims and proceeded to electronically transfer funds from their accounts.

The first incident involved a 62-year-old female from Ondangwa who lost N$50 000 on 9 May.

Just days later, a 68-year-old female from Ongwediva was swindled out of N$100 000.

According to Deputy Commissioner Fredrick Ndjadila, the fraudsters used a form of cryptocurrency known as Moon Money, which does not have any physical or tangible element nor an actual location, to transfer the stolen funds, making it virtually untraceable.

To gain the trust of their victims, the scammers would start by revealing sensitive personal information, such as full names and addresses, before requesting additional details needed to access their accounts.

Ndjadila warned against sharing banking information with anyone, including family members, as scammers often obtain details from close acquaintances.

Addressing the rising trend of online scamming, Oshana regional police commander, Commissioner Naftal Sakaria advised the public to exercise caution when buying and selling products on social media platforms. He emphasised the importance of verifying payment transactions before releasing any goods.

In a final warning to scammers, Commissioner Sakaria reassured the public that law enforcement is on the lookout for those behind these devious schemes. 

Despite their evolving tactics, he assures them that justice will soon catch up with them.

As digital scams continue to evolve, it is crucial for individuals to remain vigilant and protect their personal information from falling into the hands of fraudsters.

2024-05-22  Correspondent

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