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Several women swindled in cash-for-jobs scam

2018-09-20  Loide Jason

Several women swindled in cash-for-jobs scam

WINDHOEK - Several women in Katutura have warned other jobless people to be wary of a con-woman who demands an advance payment of N$300 through eWallet to find them ‘jobs’ only to disappear once the payments have been made.
The unknown woman has so far tricked six job seekers - all of them women - who have fallen for the confidence trickster’s criminal shenanigans and each parted with N$300, but now the woman ignores their calls when they phone her number.
Some of the victims apparently parted with N$500 in the cash-for-jobs scam.

Her pre-paid numbers that appear active because they ring but the culprit who remains scot-free and has not yet been arrested by the police who seem disinterested in the case despite the victims having reported the case to the police.
The mobile numbers that the con-woman used and are still active – albeit on voice mail, are: 0815536249 and 0818506975.

The incident happened last week when the female suspect sent out random text messages claiming she is “looking for people to work for her company”.

These people were defrauded an amount of N$300 to N$500 that they send via EasyWallet and eWallet because the suspect said she does not accept hard cash at all and all money must be sent through the non-contact cash transfer platforms.

Those who spoke to New Era on condition of anonymity claimed that a text message came on their mobile number claiming that the person is seeking two individuals that are able to do waitress for both part and full time.
The sources said that the text message also indicated the benefits that come with the salary such as medical aid, social security and yearly bonus.

The jobs promised were purportedly at Eu Pooper Event and Catering, they will be placed as waitresses and the starting salary will be N$3050, plus overtime when they work over weekends, according to the con-woman possibly a resident in Okuryangava or in Katutura as she made cash withdrawals at ATMs in those areas.

“When I called back, she explained that her name is Daniella Spiegel and she is the owner of Eu Pooper event, and then she asks me few questions regarding the job she found out that I did not do catering before therefore I needed to deposit N$300 as soon as possible so that I will be trained,” she said.

Then from there she apparently then started calling the ‘Spiegel’ back to make sure that she get direction to the place because she was supposed to start working on Monday this week.
She later found out that the lady is only asking her to find five other people for the same job of which she alerted others that are unemployed to get the job.

“Later she started ignoring my calls. When I call to find out directions to the office she always ignore my calls. Then I decided to go to one of the victims to go find the place at Klein Windhoek she told us but we did not find that place. That is when we find out that it was fraud,” said another victim.

They said from there they notified others that the woman is a criminal therefore they must meet at the police station on Monday to open a case.

“We open a case of fraud at the Katutura police station and we hope we will get her arrested, since we do not know the number of people she defrauded. This is bad and we want to alert the nation to be careful, and not fall prey to criminals,” said the victims in unison who want members of the public to be wary of the scammer.

2018-09-20  Loide Jason

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