• July 14th, 2020

Shop owners face the music

WINDHOEK - City Police chief Abraham Kanime says they are prepared to convince the courts to close the electronic shops belonging to six suspects who allegedly bought stolen items on Tuesday. 
The shop owners are accused of purchasing stolen cellphones, laptops and television sets.
The stolen items are later resold.  

Kanime said the shop owners have expertise on how to flash information from electronic devices.  
The City Police arrested 16 men whom they divided into three groups. 

Eight young suspects were arrested at the corner of Matshitshi and Monte Christo roads in Goreangab where they grab cellphones and run. The second group consisted of six shop owners who bought the stolen items. The last group consisted of two men – one who stole a television set, while the other is a suspected buyer. 
Kanime said once found guilty both buyer and seller are likely to get similar sentences.
“It is because of the buyer that there is a market,” stated Kanime.

Regarding the case of six shop owners, a laptop was stolen on Monday from a vehicle at Maerua Mall and City Police followed leads until they got the buyer, who further took the police where the laptop was – at the shop.

 “It was recovered but it was tampered with. They (shop owner) tried to flash the old information as well as the serial number. But the laptop was positively identified,” explained Kanime. 

He said these shop owners contravened three laws, including the Second Hand Goods Act that regulates how to acquire second hand properties and how to handle it. 

Kanime added the shop owner is supposed to have a register and must make sure it is from a legitimate person. 

 “This time our team is prepared to go and convince the honorable court not to grant bail and I am happy the court is serious about the matter and we have many suspects there,” Kanime said.

Selma Ikela
2019-10-04 07:59:09 | 9 months ago

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