• July 5th, 2020

Shortage of passport books persists

WINDHOEK – The Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration said they will issue a statement this week to clarify the issue of passports. This is according to the director for citizenship, passports, visas and permits Allison Hishekwa when contacted to comment on the status of passports.

New Era reported in May that the ministry of home affairs is experiencing a low stock of passport books, hence it will be rationing and issuing them according to crucial travel needs. 

The ministry’s executive director Etienne Maritz at the time said the passports were ordered well in advance last year but due to complex negotiations the process took longer than expected.

“The stock is now fast depleting due to increased demand, and as part of the risk management strategy this required us to ration them according to crucial travel needs,” stated Maritz.

Some individuals recently took to social media complaining that the ministry does not have passport books. 
“They say that they will only be out anywhere between September, November and December,” one social media posting read.

When contacted for comment Hishekwa said: “I am sorry I won’t be able to comment on it. The ministry is going to issue a statement this week to clarify everything. If people can just be patient, please.”

New Era learnt that the ministry of home affairs is in the meantime issuing brown passports.  And this is according to urgent travel needs such as for people needing medical treatment outside the country and for  those pursuing studies abroad.

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2019-06-24 08:56:51 | 1 years ago

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