• September 19th, 2020

Snareworx educates on music literacy

Music education appears to be an unpopular topic in the Namibian music scene and it might have become gradually hard to access in most local schools, that is the reason why Snareworx Music Academy took up the decision to educate people of all ages about the literacy of music.
Founded by Musicians Mark du Plessis in partnership with Avozinho Josef, Snareworx Music Academy is a music school where they teach people from any age how to play an instrument from beginner to advance level and enhance their understanding on the literacy of music.
The academy which has been operating for close to five years aims to improve musical proficiency in the country.
Talking to Entertainment Now! Josef believes that musical ability is markedly different from musical literacy.

He said, “Music literacy is important because it enhances the knowledge of music in music lovers and helps them progress in their music careers or other sectors of music.”

“ I believe the industry is not where it used to be meaning there was growth over the years but there are still a lot of people that have potential but our country does not have enough resources like neighbouring countries to develop it, that’s where we come in to bridge that gap,” says Josef.
According to him, many artists and musicians are born talented but the lack of skills in music structures holds them back.
He advises people to take music education seriously as it helps people make sense of it on a conscious level so they understand and replicate it.
The two music instructors are both self-taught musicians that started at an early age playing in church and later went to play and worked with a lot of local artists like Lize Ehlers, Suzy Eises, Gazza and also International gospel artists like Vashawn Mitchell, Joyce Meyer, Bishop T.d Jakes to name a few. 

“Our motivation came when we saw the eagerness of people to take up music lessons, and the lack of resources available to facilitate learning thereof,” he said.
The academy is offering online and physical musical instrumental classes drums, piano, guitar, bass guitar, and vocal coach.
They are calling upon aspiring artists or instrumentalists to join the academy and get a better knowledge of music.

Music literate…Music instructors, Avozinho Josef (left) and Mark du Plessis
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