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Social grant beneficiaries frustrated over delays

2021-06-02  Steven Klukowski

Social grant beneficiaries frustrated over delays
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KEETMANSHOOP - Many beneficiaries who travelled from farms and settlements outside Keetmanshoop were waiting since early yesterday morning in the freezing cold for their monthly social grants only to be informed, to their dismay, that they will only receive their payments tomorrow. 

Sophia Cloete, who turned up to receive the social grant for her children, expressed her profound unhappiness caused by these delayed payments when speaking to the media. ‘’We are waiting since 06h00 this morning here in vain, only to be told that we can only receive the payments on Thursday,’’ she said. 

The social grant beneficiary continued that they are tired to be treated like this in the //Kharas region.

Cloete also strongly pleaded with Nampost and government to set up more pay points in Keetmanshoop and areas outside town. 

“What happened to the mobile pay points of the past when beneficiaries got their payments at central points easily accessible to all?’’ she asked. 

She also requested the relevant stakeholders to inform people who receive social grants well in advance if there might be delays or technical problems.

Also raising his utter disappointment on the delayed payments was Josef Mouton, who is physically challenged. 

“I travelled early this morning from my residence, approximately 90 km outside Tses, with the hope of getting paid, finish my errands and return home, but I’m now stranded,’’ he said. 

The pensioner said he won’t be financially able to return home and come back Thursday for his payment. 

‘’Where am I going to sleep and what will I eat for these two days before receiving my social grant?’’ he asked. 

Mouton also expressed his disappointment towards government for treating pensioners and physically challenged people poorly. He hopes that the elderly and other social grant beneficiaries will be treated better in future and informed well in advance if there are any obstacles with regard to their payments. 

Meanwhile, //Kharas regional council chairperson, Joseph Isaacks informed the disgruntled group that he personally took up the issue of delayed social grant payments with Nampost management. ‘’They then informed me that the delay was not from Nampost side as government only transferred funds to be paid out to the respective beneficiaries late on Monday,‘’ he explained. 

The chairperson said payments couldn’t be done today, as Nampost first needs to carry out verification and administrative processes, but that all those qualifying for social grants will get paid tomorrow.

2021-06-02  Steven Klukowski

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