• September 30th, 2020

Southern Africa sports museum a game-changer - Veii

Maurice Kambukwe

The establishment of the southern African sports museum will go a long way in preserving the history and achievements of past and present sports heroes hailing from the southern tip of the continent.
These are the sentiments of Namibian veteran sports administrator and chairman of the African Union Sport Council (AUSC) Region-5, Vetumbuavi Veii.

It was reported last week that the leadership of AUSC Region-5 and the Zimbabwean government signed a Memorandum of Understanding in which it was agreed that Zimbabwe would house the newly established AUSC Sports Museum.
Speaking to New Era Sport yesterday, Veii explained that the museum would play a huge role in further integrating the region and equally create new opportunities for collaboration.

“It’s an important initiative, we will display our athletes in this museum, which will help us in preserving our history. It will give a historic background of our very own athletes and will motivate the future generation. If there are people who want information about any past and present events or athletes from the region, the museum will help in preserving such information for those in need. It will also motivate athletes to further work hard as every athlete would want to be displayed in the museum,” said Veii, a highly respected veteran sport administrator.
He added that the museum would play a key role in the marketing the region. “Sport is slowly becoming a reliable money-making industry and I believe this museum will ensure that athletes who are outstanding will easily be exposed to other countries.”

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