• July 14th, 2020

Spelling mistake leads to arrest

A spelling mistake on a suspicious proof of payment document recently led to the arrest of a 55-year-old man who wanted to swindle eight tyres from a local dealership.

The tyres were worth N$20 000. Immediately after spotting the mistake, Independent Tyres director Laurence Durant called the police resulting in the arrest of the so-called client. The suspect, who is a businessman, had called the dealership on Wednesday morning asking for a quotation for eight tyres.

Durant contacted the warehouse manager who forwarded the so-called client the quote on an email address he provided. Within a couple of minutes, the suspect sent a proof of payment from a local bank. “The bank’s proof of statement and the one sent by the man didn’t look the same. If you compare the two and look at
the logos - one (sent by the man) looks bigger than the other, plus there is a spelling mistake on the proof of payment and the bank does not make spelling mistakes,” narrated Durant adding that the so -called client also phoned in with three different numbers. Durant said they contacted the bank to verify the proof of
payment. The client only showed up around 16h00 before the end of business in the company of his wife and son, while a truck supposedly to transport the tyres was also present. Durant immediately called the police and the suspect was arrested.

City Police Senior Superintendent Gerry Shikesho said they confirmed with the bank that the proof of payment was forged. “The learning point is this is not the first time it is happening. Businesses are suffering especially when a person claims to use EFT payment. Business owners should design programmes to
coach and train their employees,” said Shikesho.

Selma Ikela
2020-03-23 09:43:54 | 3 months ago

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