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Standard Bank Waka Kids Choice Awards coming soon

2023-09-13  Staff Reporter

Standard Bank Waka Kids Choice Awards coming soon

Get ready for an event that promises entertainment, education  and empowerment as Namibia comes together to celebrate its young talent at the Standard Bank Waka Kids Choice Awards.

Set to take place at the National Theatre of Namibia on 23 September 2023, starting at 14h00, this event promises to be a thrilling extravaganza
for both schools and the general public, with a
lineup of engaging games, captivating
performances and more.

The collaboration between Waka Moo and Standard Bank continues to cultivate a nurturing environment for young creatives in Namibia. Initiatives like the Standard Bank Waka Kids Choice Awards are designed to celebrate and support the immense talent and potential of Namibian children. 

“By providing educational entertainment through the Waka Waka Moo TV show and recognising exceptional individuals within the community, we promote positive growth and development for children across the country,” said Kalistu Mukoroli, who is part of the production team of Waka Waka Moo that also produces educational animation inserts for the New Era Youth Corner pages. See Page 14 of today’s edition.

He added that the awards are not just about honouring talent; they serve as a platform to empower and uplift young creatives in Namibia. 

“Through the Waka Waka Moo TV show, children are not only entertained but also exposed to valuable learning experiences. This collaboration between Waka Waka Moo and Standard Bank is undeniably making a meaningful impact on the lives of
Namibian children,” said Mukoroli.

One of the highlights of the awards is the opportunity for everyone to cast their votes for their favourite top performers, achievers, teachers and schools across various categories. The voting process is straightforward – simply scan the QR code displayed on social media posters or visit to make your voice heard. 

To stay up-to-date with all the latest news and developments regarding the awards, follow Waka Waka Moo on social media. They will keep you informed about any event changes or additions, ensuring you will not miss out on this unforgettable occasion.

2023-09-13  Staff Reporter

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